Authentification with Active directory

Dear All,

I would like to use Active Directory Auth process for user authentification.
Are there any example how to do it?
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


There are no examples, but I’ll provide some soon.
I’ll show you how to set base DN and user DN to make it work.
I’ll get back to you today.

First, you need to add a service user to your domain, let’s assume it called “

Host: Your directory or domain controller host, or
Port: Usually, 3269, LDAP port
Base DN: for set “dc=example,dc=com”
User DN: you need to collect all organization units, and DN records for user. For example: CN=datagrok,OU=Service Accounts,DC=example,DC=com
You can find User Canonical Name in your Domain Controller Manager utility.
Password: User password
Signup Enabled: Allow this to allow new users from domain automatically signup to DG.

Please, write me if you hav any problems, and we can arrange a meeting to help you with the setup.

Hi Alex,
Thank you for your promt reply. I added OU information to User DN, it worked.
Thanks for your kind help.