Bar chart: color by category

Hi there,
I created a Bar chart, using the “Stack” feature; I want the color to reflect the categories defined in the “Stack”, however the “Color” selector doesn’t list categorical (string) fields, only numerical fields. Did I overlook something? Thanks!

Hello Gregori :slightly_smiling_face:
I think the Stack option itself implements color-coding by the selected column, so you don’t need to specify Color for that. This is how it looks on DG’s dev instance. Is it the same for you?

Hi! Thanks for the answer!
Actually I see something different:

Actually I found the right setting :slight_smile:
What is the API shortcut to define the colors and “enable” the color-coding?

It should have picked the standard colors automatically (when you enabled Stack), and judging from the legend on the right, it tried, so it looks more like a bug to me.

“Stack” is for producing stacked bar charts (multiple inner bars inside a bar chart). Inner bars get automatically color-coded.
“Color” is for color-coding bars based on the numerical column and aggregation function. When “color” is specified, it overrides the “stacked” color, so use these two properties together with caution - it is not completely useless (you still see the borders on your picture), but it’s definitely harder to interpret.

Perhaps we should name them better, I see how this can be confusing.

Hi Andrew,
In my first screenshot you can see that I haven’t specified the “Color” field, but still I don’t get the bars colored as expected. Is this the expected behavior? How to turn on (“Enable”) the coloring through the console?

Gregori, could you please try selecting a column without null values for Stack and check if default colors appear? I think stacked bars just don’t react well on nulls.

Indeed Diana, but it’s not only null values causing the problem: empty strings show the same behavior. Would be good to have a fix :slightly_smiling_face:

We will definitely fix this, thanks :wink:

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Oh, now I see it. Thanks for reporting it - this actually was a nasty bug. We’ve just fixed it.