Can we filter rows by substring

If we have a string column, can we filter the rows by a substring query?
Assuming we are having following values in such a column:


And would then like to filter to all rows which are having ‘aa’ in.
Is there a way, and if so how?


One way to do it (at the moment, it overrides view filters if there are any - this will be addressed later). Also, instead of expanding the “Search” bar and clicking on the text field, you can simply press Ctrl+F.

Another option (full disclaimer, it’s not polished yet and has known bugs, but you see the idea, and it could be useful already):

I like the second option (the free-text filter) and tried this before this post, but indeed I was failing with it and guess this is what you referred to as to be fixed.

Do you have a rough timeline by when the free-text filter is reliably working? Just got another user asking for the same thing :slight_smile: