Cannot move/dock table viewer

Hi Team,

There is no header section on the table viewer which would allow to move and dock the viewer on the page.

Could that be made consistent with the other viewers?

Hi Nico,
In 0.89.14 or higher there are two buttons in the views menu, that allow you to split your space and undock table view:

Thanks, Alex.
I guess that’s not something we can use within ID, since we do not expose the native DG menu

We can expose it to API


@alex.paramonov, I sounds to me that Nico is interested in docking the spreadsheet viewer (aka grid), and not the view that contains it.

The spreadsheet is a special type of a viewer that does not have a header by default. This is done in order to maximize vertical space available and minimize visual clutter. It works great for the vast majority of use cases, but indeed the downside is that its docking mechanics are a bit different and admittedly a lot less intuitive (ideas are welcome!). To get a handle for the spreadsheet, first dock another viewer on top of it - this will create a tab group with handles for both viewers in the bottom.

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