Chem - Descriptors fail on sparse dataset

Most Chem augmentation functions (Chem | Descriptors and Chem | Map Identifiers) fail when a record lacks a Structure or potentially if the function returns nothing.

This is reproducible by loading the ‘sar-small.csv’ sample file and then by adding an empty row. Use the plus symbol at the bottom of the table. Then run any of the Descriptor functions or Map Identifiers functions. You will receive an error similar to “Row counts don’t match (data frame: 201, column: 150)”

I don’t believe this is expected behavior. If a row lacks a structure (or is invalid) then that row should be skipped and the entire operation should succeed. This will allow users to have sparsely populated compound datasets.

Similar to this issue is the generation of 'Chem | Fingerprints". The empty row should not produce a fingerprint but seems to with a value of “2048 bits, 0 set”.

Thank you for the feedback! Will fix that