「Clone」vs.「New table View」

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Please let me know the process of duplicating table data.

In terms of functionality, we can perform similar operations using either [Table → Clone] or [New Table View]. Are there any fundamental differences between them?

If I duplicate 5 or 6 table data using [Clone], the project startup becomes slower.
So, I currently duplicate tables using [New Table View].
However, if I rename one of the duplicated tables, all the tables are renamed in the same way.

What would be the best approach to handle this situation?

It’s a great question!

Let me explain how it works:

The table is data, and the view is a view to this data. When you clone a table, you copy all the data to another place in the memory. Thats why it becomes slower, because it contains 5x data size.

When you create a view – you create a new look to the existing data, and when you change values in one view – it’s reflected in anohter one.


Dear Alex,

Thank you very much for your detailed response!
I understood it well.

On the other hand, when duplicating using “New Table View,”
I have noticed that if I rename one table, all the duplicated tables end up having the same name.
Is it possible to give them different names?


It’s a bug, sorry for this.
It’s table renaming instead of view renaming, and more, it doesn’t work well.

As a temporary workaround while we are fixing it, you can rename current view from the browser console.
grok.shell.v.name = 'Test'

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A corresponding GitHub issue has been created to address it:
GitHub Issue 2791


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@alex.paramonov @opavlenko

Thank you for your quick response as always.
I appreciate your suggestion for a temporary workaround.

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