Continuous colour palette


Is it possible to define a new continuous colour palette?
For an example one that resembles the traffic colours.


Hi Bill,

It is possible to define a new palette for the column, but at the moment this could only be done programmatically, like that:

t.col('age').tags[DG.TAGS.COLOR_CODING_TYPE] = 'Linear'; t.col('age').tags[DG.TAGS.COLOR_CODING_LINEAR] = '["#ff0000", "#ffff00", "#00ff00"]';

A working example is available here:

We are planning on exposing this feature via the user interface as well.


Thanks for your respose!
I forgot to mention that my questions was related to the plots (for example scatter plots).

Would this approach work also in redefining a scatterplot’s colour palette?


Yes, all plots automatically pick up colors associated with the corresponding column.

Thanks Andrew! It works indeed :slight_smile: