Data filter component

Hi all,

I faced with several features on Data filter page

  1. It’s possible to switch on/off filter even if the whole section is disabled (if section is greyed out)
    greyed_out filter .
    Is it a correct behavior?
  2. Where can I find date-picker datetime column?
  3. Would not it be better to change the magnifier glass icon in histogram with another?
    I’m afraid it’s hard to guess that the magnifier glass icon is used for filtering by boundary values
  1. Yes, section disabling turns filtering on/off, I see nothing bad if user allowed to change filter settings while filter is off.

  2. Not sure I understand the question

  3. Yes, I agree, this icon is not perfect here. May be, you have an idea? It’s font-awesome icon, may be, you could choose more suitable one? :slight_smile:

  1. There is no date picker component yet, but it is in our “to do” list.

I suggest showing boundary filters on hover of the filter element, instead of click on an magnifier glass icon