Date/time format recognition

There is a script that eats a table with a column in the date/time format (standard for datagrok MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss).

At the exit from the script - a table with dates and times in 24h format. (eg. 12/21/2019 13:15)

When displaying the resulting table, dates from format 24 are changing to format 12 (more, the am/pm pointer is lost). Eg., instead of 12/21/2019 13:10:00 I get 12/21/2019 01:10 (in the end, duplicate dates are obtained and are not differentiated by the system).

Is it possible to manually indicate what time format is present in the data before the conversion?


Hi @r.yu.babkin, thanks for reporting it! Any chance you can give us a script that reproduces the issue (simple one even without input parameters will suffice)? @vnerozin, please look into it.

Hi @skalkin, thanks for the reply!

The script is here.

Initial datetime column:

The same one at the start of the python script (before datetime transformation)

After transformation + several different types of data formats

The resulting table in Datagrok view

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I do not know the reasons, but DateTime came from our server in UTC. Problem is definitely on our side. I am investigating the issue.

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