Deleting rows with empty values

I want to exclude rows with missing values from the analysis, how do I do that?

To delete rows that contain empty values, you need to first select them. There are several ways to do this:

  • Click on the cell with empty value and press key combination Shift + Enter from keyboard. After that, all empty rows contained in the corresponding column will be selected. (You can use this to select any identical values in column, not only empty ones)
  • Open Select | Missing Values… and select the necessary columns that contain empty values. In this case, you can select empty values ​​in any number of columns

After the corresponding rows are selected, you can remove them from Property Panel (Actions > Delete Rows)

Also keep in mind that we provide the possibility of using KNN method to impute missing values. To use it, go to Tools | Data Science | Missing Values Imputation…

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