Dendrogram is a package viewer for the Newick tree format (NWK, NEWICK). It displays a hierarchical structure (dendrogram) next to the grid showing the file content. Dendrogram responds on rows selection and filtering.

To configure a dendrogram, click the Gear icon on top of the viewer and use the info panels on the Context Pane. For example, you can set line width, node size, stroke and fill color, etc.

Hierarchical clustering

You can inject a dendrogram into the grid in order to represent the hierarchy of clusters built under the dataset. To do that:

  1. On the Menu Ribbon, click ML | Hierarchical Clustering . A Dialog opens.
  2. In the dialog:
  • Set Features to columns set. Each column is used as a coordinate(measure) of an object (row) in the feature space.

  • Set Distance to euclidean or manhattan.

  • Select one of the linkage options from the Linkage dropdown list. To learn more, see different linkage types.

A dendrogram and a grid are synchronized according to the mouse hover, current, selected and filtered states, and row height in both directions.


The Dendrogram viewer is optimized to render trees with hundreds of thousands of nodes.

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