Disabling column selecting

Hi team,
Is there a way to disable/hide the yellow selection for columns, but just keep it for the rows:

It seems like the Table view has an option to disable column selection, but this is afffecting the selection of the column header, not the yellow marking of the column.

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Hi Nico!
For this functionality you can simply disable Allow Block Selection and Allow Col Selection checkboxes in your table settings.

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But if I disable block selection, I can no longer select rows either. I was just interested to no longer see column selection.
I’m not sure what disabling column selection does, but it seems like it doesn’t have an effect on this either.

Yes, with disabled block selection you can’t select rows using block selection. But you can still select rows using row headers.

ok, I see.
Is it still possible to just disable block selection for columns, but not for rows?

I guess the right thing to do would be reworking the settings around the selection and introducing the “ContentMouseDragSelection” property (will come up with a better name) that would have the following flags:

  • columns
  • rows
  • block

In the meantime, it would probably make sense to make rows selectable by default (when mouse dragging and not simply clicking) when the “block selection” option is off.

Thanks, Andrew.
If you are planning to provide a more granular setting for this that would be nice.
It’s not critically urgent, so we can wait until you have refactored this.