Escape to reset the data filtering

Hi team,
I just realized that hitting Escape is resetting the data filtering too (not only the data marking/selection).
When looking at the new version of the data filtering implementation - where we have a dedicated reset button - I wonder whether this is still needed, or not even unwanted?!
The main reason is that you might be doing some sophisticated categorical filtering and then you would like to quickly get rid of same data selected (marked rows) and hit Escape.
By that, you would also lose the data filtering.
Should we instead not just rely on the filter panel’s reset button?


Good question! I find the Escape shortcut really useful and quite intuitive, but I agree that it might result in an inadvertent lose of filtering parameters. I was thinking about making the consecutive Escape press restore the (automatically saved) parameters. In this case, however, we’ll have to get rid of the “first press on the Escape clears the selection, if there are any selected rows” feature, which was not very intuitive anyway. Currently, you can always use Ctrl+Shift+A to clear the selection, but this is quite a complex shortcut for something you have to do so often.

In our case, clearing the selection will be quite easy, as we will add following component to the footer of our app:

This component looks pretty nice! Why don’t we introduce it to the platform core, or perhaps as a platform extension?

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totally agree and would be happy to have it there :wink:
Since we would need it for MVP, our UI team will build it in the next three weeks, but I guess we can switch over to your version once it will be there.
But note, that this component is placed on our custom tabs, we implemented as part of Intuence Discovery (will be placed at the right outer side):

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