Extensions to the scatter plot viewer

Hi Team,

After a discussion with a user, I would like to raise following two scatter plot feature extensions:

  1. Adding axis zoom sliders. That way, users can zoom in and out on just one axis and with a defined scope.
  2. A lasso (custom shape) for data selection, in addition to the rectangle-based selection
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Both are great suggestions - we will implement them soon, stay tuned.

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We’ve added axis zoom sliders to the Scatter Plot on each axis separately.

Now you can zoom in and out on just one axis and with a defined scope. The sliders appear when you first zoom in the Scatter Plot or when you move the mouse while holding down the “option” key.

You can return to the original scale by double-clicking on an empty area of the chart.


You can also double-click on the individual slider to reset the specific axis.

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We’ve added a lasso tool for data selection in the Scatter Plot.

Now you can create not only standard rectangle-based selections, but also custom shape selections. Use the “L” key to switch between rectangle and lasso.


Very nice, Aydar!

I know you guys lean towards keyboard shortcuts, but most people don’t know them - or even don’t know there are any :wink: Any chance we could make this option somehow available from the property menu?

Yes, of course, there is a corresponding property in the property panel of the Scatter Plot.
Called “Lasso Tool” in the “Misc” section.