Filter to selected rows

Hi team,

Since our users are very familiar with Spotfire, they are asking about a feature which is currently available there: “Filter to selected rows”.
This is basically allowing you to filter the data to the rows you have currently selected/marked.
Is there such a concept available from the UI?

We have the “Filter rows” action available in the property panel (it gets suggested whenever the selection changes). It does exactly that - filters the data to the selected rows.

There is one caveat though, after you do that the “filtered” state will be reset the next time filters are applied (via filters, histogram, or even zooming on the scatter plot). In Datagrok’s UX paradigm, whenever rows are filtered there is always a “filtering control” that does the actual filtering - and it could be either removed, or used for changing the filter. Perhaps behind the curtain we can do “Selection to Column” and open up regular filters with the corresponding condition set up. It does not look like an ideal solution though, so let us think a bit more about it.

That’s great.
I think we have disabled this panel in ID, since it alters the data for the other actions.
Do you think that filter rows action could also go to the filter panel?