Function to remove conditional colouring

I know I can add the conditional colouring of a column in a dataframe using something along the lines of

const rules = [
df =‘myDF’);
columns = df.columns;
columns[4].setTag(’.color-coding-conditional’, {${rules.join(',')}});
columns[4].setTag(’.color-coding-type’, ‘Conditional’);

Now I wonder if there is also a way to remove that conditional colouring using a function? I tried some obvious pieces like

columns[4].setTag(’.color-coding-conditional’, Off);
columns[4].setTag(’.color-coding-conditional’, null);

but these all ended up in errors.
Thanks Nik

One way to do it:

columns[4].tags[DG.TAGS.COLOR_CODING_TYPE] = 'Off';

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Or you can delete the tag completely:

delete t.col('height').tags[DG.TAGS.COLOR_CODING_TYPE];

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