Get demographics by address

I have a column that contains addresses in the form of “Street address, city, state”. Is there a way
to get demographic information (perhaps based on US census data) for it? I’m interested in things like
aggregates on population density, income, ages, housing, etc.

Yes, Datagrok offers rich geocoding capabilities. In particular, you can convert addresses to
aggregate statistics using the ‘AddressToStatistics’ function. There are several ways to invoke it:

  • Click on the ‘Address’ column, then on ‘Address to coordinates’ button in the property panel on the right
  • Right-click on the ‘Address’ column and click on ‘Address to coordinates’
  • Open View | Console, enter ‘AddressToCoordinates’ and choose ‘Address’ column in the dialog or execute function from the console already with parameters

I attach screenshot on which all ways described by me are displayed:

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