Grid updates

Now you can quickly move a column to the beginning or end of the spreadsheet:

  • Add row at the end by clicking on the “+” icon (requires allowEdit set to true)
  • Add new rows by editing the last row (requires showEditRow set to true)

A minor, but rather rather useful addition: now you can hit spacebar to toggle row selection.

Please welcome Excel-style column resizing

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Now you can rearrange multiple columns at once as well:

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Made grid cell tooltip a bit more discreet by adding a 200ms delay before showing it:

Show / Hide Columns... dialog has been significantly improved:

  • All changes are now applied instantaneously, no need to hit OK
  • Now you can rearrange columns as well by drag-and-dropping column names - that was a very popular request!

Previewing datasets with thousands of columns just became easier - simply hover over a column in the “Columns” pane, and the grid jumps to the corresponding column. Move your mouse away to restore the original grid position, or click on a column to fix the position.


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You can now quickly filter by types and semantic types as well:


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Please welcome custom forms in cells:


Now you can initiate column selection by holding Shift and mouse-dragging the column header:


You can now pin rows via Menu | Pin | Pin Selected Rows. Each row is pinned based on its column name and cell value and is also saved to the layout. More info is available in the documentation.