Hide the values of a table

Dear DG team
If I reduce the width of a subset of columns in a table view to be very narrow (i.e. I only want to see the colours similar to a subset of the data table behaving like a heatmap and the rest like a normal table) the content of the cells is still partially visible.
Is there a tag available on a per column basis to hide the respective values in that column?
Thanks Nik

Hi Nik,

Yes, click on the column and press F2 (or right click -> “Column Properties…”), and uncheck “Show Value”:

We will make it simpler in the future :slight_smile:


Great - that works. Can I access this tag in a function as well? I have a long list of things and doing this for each column through the UI is a bit of a time sink :wink:

@skalkin - any chance you could let me know if there is a way to reach this from a function / variable as well?

thanks my issue has been fixed.