Hit Triage & Hit Design


I have a question about Hit Triange and Hit Design (HT/HD).
Is it possible to improve visibility by displaying each campaign in a hierarchical structure? In order to improve visibility it would be appreciated if you could consider various possibilities such as sorting and filtering methods, creating folders for each user, etc. Additionally, it would be preferable to have permission settings to avoid accidental deletion of other’s campaign.

I also have a bug report regarding HD.
In HD, the feature to edit the view of the progress tracker does not apply the changes even when clicking [close & apply]. Please check into this issue.

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Regarding the hierarchical structure, do you mean template name on top level and campaign indexes next? something like this:


  • TMP1-1
  • TMP1-2
  • TMP1-3


  • TMP2-1
  • TMP2-2
  • TMP2-3

If so, that is a very useful structure indeed. Thanks for suggestion.

Regarding your second question, we are looking into implementing methods for managing permissions and visibility for each user, which is indeed very important feature. We will get back once its implemented.

Lastly, about progress tracker not saving: I will make so that on change of stage campaign will save automatically, But which buttons do you mean by clicking [close & apply]?

Thank you for your feedback!

Hi Devit,
Exactly. Hieralchical structure can organize many campaigns cleanly.
[CLOSE AND APPLY] button is shown in progress tracker mode shown below.

Thank you for considering my request.

We just released Hit triage version 1.1.10, which fixes the tiles viewer form bug. you can install it through packages manager, from browse.