How do I do dynamic properties for a viewer

The sunburst viewer requires tree type of data. There are numerous ways to represent tree data in the tabular form. So, I want to support several types of tree data representation. There will be a selector “Tree data type” and then each type of data will require own set of properties.

I wonder if you already have examples for the dynamic properties or even something regarding the tree data.

Hi Nikolay, we do not currently support dynamic properties, each viewer has a pre-defined set of properties. This approach worked really well for us, and we will likely keep it this way. Instead, what we probably need is support for custom property editors. This way, a package will have complete control over what appears in the property editor area. I believe we have this mechanism implemented in Dart already, and I’ve just registered a ticket for it to be exposed in JS API.

Until it is done, I would recommend to just stick with one representation of the hierarchical data.