How to display selected rows after closing the filtering panel?

Hi team,
After filtering the data, when the filter panel is closed, the filtering is lost.
How can I keep the large or short amount of selected rows still visible when the filter’s panel is closed? Thanks

Indeed, in the current UX paradigm the rows are no longer filtered once the filter pane is closed, and the filtered state gets lost. You can save this state to a column by choosing “Filter to column…” from the filter’s popup menu before closing it, but again you will still need a filter.

I agree that the current implementation might not be the most intuitive one, and we are considering other alternatives. Perhaps after the filter is closed, the filtered state should not get reset, but an icon indicating the filtered state should appear on the toolbar (see picture below). This approach has other drawbacks though, but we’ll see if we can solve them.

Also, the status bar you have included in the picture is not part of the standard Datagrok distribution, it appears to be an extension developed by your company - not sure if there are any issues with that, but we have no control over it.