How to work with properties

I took

Then I opened the settings and chose the lon/lat manually and got an error

So, is there a correct example of manual column selection? Without sem-type thing.

Hi Nikolay, thanks for reporting it, indeed something does not seem right here; we are looking into that, will update you tomorrow.

Hi @nikolay.seliverstov, we have identified and fixed the problems in the Leaflet package (the problems were not in the core). There were two problems:

  1. Data-bound properties this.latitude and this.longitude were treated as columns, while in reality they were strings.
  2. Field names should match property names (field was “latitude” but the property was “latitudeColumnName”). You have probably figured out already that “ColumnName” prefix instructs the platform to build the UI for that property in a special way (in the picture you attached, the editor is a combo box with column names, and not just an input field).

We should definitely create a “Developing Custom Viewers” wiki page listing the best practices, notations, and known pitfalls.