Impossible to add a tile viewer to the table

Hi team, for some reason we can’t add a tile viewer to our table. It fails with an error:

isolate_helper.dart:480 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'toLowerCase' of null

Hi. Do you have the stacktrace?

Yes, I do:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'toLowerCase' of null
    at eRE.$1 (js_string.dart:166)
    at (utils.dart:366)
    at Object.dart.dd (xp.dart:318)
    at cSG.$0 (xp.dart:631)
    at cPN.aa (iterable.dart:520)
    at e8a.dart.e8a.$1 (xp.dart:631)
    at W1.yR (sketch_field.dart:47)
    at chE.aej (sketch_element_handler.dart:49)
    at chE.aei (login.dart.js_1.part.js?80774:36208)
    at Ko.dart.Ko.aIP (tile_viewer_core.dart:24)
    at Object.eval (eval at b2Y (js_helper.dart:2942), <anonymous>:3:34)
    at Dy.Nn (virtual_item_view.dart:84)
    at Dy.dart.Dy.avu (virtual_item_view.dart:142)
    at cCP.dart.cCP.$0 (virtual_item_view.dart:61)
    at cs8.dart.cs8.$0 (isolate_helper.dart:1393)
    at eJM.$0 (js_helper.dart:2454)
    at Lq.GQ (isolate_helper.dart:474)
    at Object.E_ (isolate_helper.dart:59)
    at dart.eJL (js_helper.dart:2454)
    at js_helper.dart:2476

Briefly looked in – it seems that some table doesn’t have a name.
Just set .name to all the tables you open.

We will fix it on our side to avoid this exception, thanks!

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Thank you!

But our table has a name, I’ve just checked using and and All of them return the name.

Not yours but one of the opened tables.
That’s a bug that DG allows a table without a name to be added to xp.tables

Alex, do you know if this will already be fixed as part of the DG update we planned to do in the next few weeks?

Hi Nico, Sorry for delay, I have a ticket for that, will do it within a couple of days

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