Inbound and Outbound Table API

Is it possible to import or export data using REST API to the already existing table in the platform?

Hi Viktor, welcome! We do not currently have our server API exposed, but this is certainly on our roadmap. I think we will have the first version of the REST API available in the next few months.

But now we can export data using Rest API.

All you need it describe the structure of the REST API in the swagger format (we support its versions 2.0 and 3.0) and drag-and-drop the file into the platform.
This will create a connection that you can find in the Webservices view (the Open section on the sidebar).

Swagger file can be either json or yaml.

You can read more in our Wiki

Oleksii, the OpenAPI mechanism only works for the external data, you can’t use it for exporting (or querying) a table that is part of the uploaded project.

I was mistaken, I meant import, of course.