Issues with resetting Filters

Issue 1: For built-in Filters clicking on the Reset button only updates filter GUI part (slider thumb moves to the original location), but filtered-out records remain filtered-out. To reproduce run the snippet below, open Filters, change any slider’s range, and click the Reset button on the Filters’ toolbar., 100))

Issue 2 For custom filters clicking on the Reset button doesn’t call the applyFilter method when it is registered using the following statement in a custom filter class.

this.dataFrame.onRowsFiltering.subscribe((_) => this.applyFilter());

Thanks for reporting it!

  • Issue 1: Will be addressed soon
  • Issue 2: I think there is no reason for applying the filter on reset (all bits will be set to true by the platform automatically) since by definition it should revert all filters to the default, “non-filtering” state. Instead we will either provide a way to handle the “reset” event for the view, or simply introduce the “reset” method on DG.Filter, which will be called when user resets the whole filter.