Line chart: about splits and color

Hi Team,

I have found two potential bugs about Line chart, could you please check and solve them, if necessary.

① When multiple splits are selected, the settings are lost when saving the project and reopening it. Therefore, it is necessary to reset them each time.

② When multiple splits are selected, the color of the line and the legend are different.


Dear Taka,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.

  1. Could you please specify which settings are being lost upon reopening the project?
  2. We’ve successfully reproduced this behavior. Please be assured, we are dedicated to resolving this issue in the near future. A corresponding GitHub issue has been created to address it: GitHub issue 2782.


Hi Olesia,

Thank you for your reply.

・The situation is as follows:
In the line chart, multiple columns are selected as splits (e.g., Column AAA & Column BB in the figure)

After the analysis is completed, the project is saved

When reopening the project, the settings are lost.

We are using the Line Chart and Grid by linked table.
The Line Chart is displayed by selecting data on the Grid.
However, this setting is lost.

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.



Dear Taka,

I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue you mentioned (see attached video).

When saving the project, the selected rows are not retained. Therefore, upon reopening the project, you will need to select the rows again. This behavior is expected. However, added Splits remain present after reopening the project.

Could you please take a look at what I might have missed?
Additionally, could you provide some details:

  • What platform version are you using?
  • Do you save your project with datasync or without?
  • Are you using *.csv or *.sdf datasets?
  • What type of linking tables are you using?
  • Is the line chart breaking on the main table or on a linked one?


Dear Taka,

Fixed problem with colors in v1.18.5. Investigating the problem with lost column settings, will inform you when it is fixed.