Managing columns from table view properties

Hi Team,

Is it possible to manage the shown/hidden columns from the table view properties panel?
I can’t find a way for doing this (The doc says something like view/columns, but I also can’t see this menu entry).


Hi Nico,
I think it can be managed following these menu options:
image (2)

We should definitely update our documentation on this matter, thanks for bringing this up!

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Ok, thanks.
But to be frankly, no one would expect it there :wink:
Even worse, it seems this column sizing sub-menu just appears when right-clicking on a cell, but not on a column header.
I would really encourage to review the structure of the menus (also column header vs. cell), as new users might really struggle with it.

Well put! And I believe it might be more intuitive for users to control the visibility of columns directly from the property panel, so there’s some room for improvement as well.
Nice suggestions, thanks!