Max Upload File Sizes

Datagrok imposes maximum filesizes on uploads. I’ve seen >50MB for spreadsheets and >100MB for SDF files imposed. I’m seeking an answer to what these limits are by default and if limits are adjustable in a setting. And also advice if they can be adjusted upwards safely, from a user experience perspective.

Hi Tom,
do you mean opening files in browser? Just to clarify.
Do you mean xlsx on csv?

This happens during Drag and Drop files from the browser. I’m not sure the max limits for XLSX versus CSV. I do know the max for SDF is 100 MB. Please see the attached screenshot of the warning message.

Screenshot 2023-06-22 at 4.17.22 PM (002)

I think it’s reasonable and necessary to have limits for files uploads. I’m seeking advice if the limits could be adjusted slightly upwards and if that is a bad or okay idea.

Hi Tom, great question! We’ll revise and document all the built-in limitations, we might make some of them configurable as well. In parallel, we are working on optimizing the Chem package to support substructure searches for up to ~2M molecules. We’ll provide an update on that late next week.

Thanks Andrew! Users will appreciate knowing the limits.