New streamlined UX

Lately, we’ve been busy harmonizing and simplifying Datagrok’s UI to make it a lot more intuitive, especially for the new users. While this is still a work in progress, today we can share a glimpse of what the new UX would look like. It as designed to address the following:

  • Know where you are, and how to get here, by just looking at the screen
  • Make most common entry points (queries, files, recent) more prominent
  • Easily discover advanced platform capabilities
  • Save as much vertical space as possible

In order to achieve that, we are making heavy use of the navigation pane on the left, which lets you discover the content and functionality easier by introducing the following grouping:

  • Home
    • Apps
  • Data
    • Local files
    • File shares
    • Databases
    • Web services
    • Queries
    • Projects
    • Text
  • Functions
    • Functions
    • Scripts
    • Models
    • Notebooks

Less often used things are grouped in the bottom:

  • Settings
  • User profile
  • Help

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Each view now contains a toolbar with the most common actions available via icons, drop-downs, or menus. This is how the main UI for the tabular data exploration will look like:

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If you don’t have enough space on the screen, press Alt+X to float the toolbox (close/pin button to be introduced soon).

The new UX is optimized for 95% of cases, where a user works with a single view (there are multiple ways to switch between them). To take full control of the way view tabs are positioned, and to access most of the functionality from the old top menu, click on the “menu” button on the bottom. With time, we are planning to make all functionality context specific (we are already doing that to dynamically discovered functions), so there will be be no need to switch to the old view.

I think there is a bug in new UI - if you open a project, close it with the top right close button then close it in the Tables the tables will disappear and when you try to reopen it there is “Project is already open” message

Indeed. Actually, when you press the close button, you close current table view, but not the project.
Now new UI has a lack of indication of current project, and we working on it.

Thank you for reporting!