New tooltip configuration

@skalkin @dkryvchuk
I was playing with the new tooltip config on dev and it works quite nicely.

One issue, I ran into, though, is that when you set “Show labels” to “never”, it will get reset once you open the tooltip config the next time.

And I think - as you mentioned yesterday - as long as there is only one structure column in the tooltip, we should hide the label for the structure and shift the structure left:

Also, I wonder if we could render the structure image like 30% smaller. It would still be readable but make the tooltip quite a bit smaller.

The last thing, I think you could still squeeze out a bit space by reducing the line height. There is quite some space between the lines of text:


I also tried to optimize space a bit manually (using manipulating the CSS).
I think there is even some more potential there :wink:

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Hi Nico!
Thank you for the feedback. You’re absolutely right. I’ve updated our Tooltip harmonization ticket.


This has recently been implemented by @dkryvchuk