Qualifier sorting incorrect

Hi Team,
It seems like the qualifier sorting is not correct:

32.00 should come before 33.38 when sorting descending.

Hi Nico, it’s quite funny, I spent half an hour debugging it and only then I realized that it actually works as expected: 32.00 should come after 33.38 when sorting descending. Values take precedence, and qualifiers are only used for tie-breakers :slight_smile:

Hi Andrew, here I disagree :wink: qualified values should really come at the ends, like:

“> 40”
“> 100”

(Had to put the gt into quotes, otherwise the text here is formatted as a block)
There is not so much benefit of showing the qualifiers, if the values are just treated like there is no qualifier.

I’ll have to disagree with your disagreement :slight_smile: I’m quite certain that we have discussed it multiple times (@nik.clare.gmail.com - please chime in) even before we started implementing it, then described the implementation in details (see the linked post), toyed with the outcome in our joint interactive sessions and checked that the sorting also behaves as expected. I believe we also did separately confirm it with @dpetrov.gnf.org and @asantrosyan.gnf.org. This is also the way the sorting for fuzzy numbers was implemented in the platforms that were predecessors to Datagrok.