Request for new features


Here are some features that would be great to see in a Datagrok:

  1. Viewer-filter. In other words, a filter that is applied to 1 particular viewer via a convenient interface. Additionally, an ability to change selection in a presentation mode, like in a simple filter.
  2. View-filter. At this moment, different filters in 1 project are synchronized even if it located in different pages (views). Those different pages can’t be filtered differently.
  3. Ability to change display number format in a chart, not in a whole dataset. For instance, remove decimal places in 1 particular chart.
  4. Ability to make a bar chart vertical. Line chart with chart type «Stacked bar chart» has many restrictions.
  5. A chart type that allows you to display only one numeric value. This chart type allow you to answer a question «what is a total revenue in my dataset» and many others.
  6. A way to customize the chart title (font, size, color).
  7. Ability to rank data in charts. At this moment, you can just sort the data in charts. It would be nice to be able to choose that I only want to display the Top 5 / Bottom 5 (max 5 / min 5 ) values on the chart.
  8. Ability to change the color by manually entering the hexadecimal color code (in the format #ffffff).


Sorry for the late reply; I hope it’s still relevant!

Thanks for the features you’ve proposed. Some of them are already implemented, and we’ll consider the others.

Answering the first two items, viewers within one view have the same filtered state - this interaction is the main feature of our platform. However, for now, you have two options to filter one separate viewer:

  • You can configure a viewer via the Row Source property:

    1. Click the Gear icon on top of the viewer.

    2. On the Property Pane, set the Data > Row Source property using the dropdown list.

  • You can create a separate view for a viewer. To do that, open a dataset one more time and add a required viewer.

As for changing the color, we’ve implemented the ability to enter the hexadecimal color code manually:

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