Resizing a section of scatterplots is reducing the size of the right-hand one

When resizing a section of scatterplots, the size of the right-hand one is getting reduce until it’s not longer visible. There was no way getting it back to normal size
2021-01-28_08-24-06 (1)

@alex.paramonov - this sounds like an artifact of the docking mechanism (remember the serious bug we fixed long time ago that caused this behavior?). Not sure if there is an easy way to fix it, I believe we tried a few times with no luck. Nico, if this is not critical to you, I suggest we revisit it in a couple of months.

From a usability point of view, I find this one relatively critical since it constantly hides visualizations and it’s very hard to get them back.
I doesn’t need to be in the next few weeks, but if not too far aware would be helpful

This is fixed now, thanks @alex.paramonov for the heroic effort :slight_smile: