Row count for categorical filters

Hi all,

When filtering on a categorical filter, the row count of the other filtered-out categories should show the unfiltered count, not the current row count.

When just showing the current row count, it will always be 0 for the rest of the categorical items, which makes this number quite useless. Showing the unfiltered row count, however, will allow to more easily see how many rows we currently exclude for the different categories (this info is currently lost).

Also, the current (filtered) distribution is already indicated by the blue bars.



What about showing something like 0/122 ?

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Hi Nico,

Just wanted to let you know that we are thinking about different options on that, and had an internal discussion already. It is quite useful to see a number of records that actually pass the filter; besides, by clicking on the count label we select the corresponding rows, and it would be misleading if the selected count is different than what was shown. But I see where you are coming from. Here are some of the options we see currently:

  • 0/122 - this won’t be easily readable and will make it much harder to compare between categories
  • another column - too much space
  • visual indication of total/filtered out by using two colored stripes (blue / light blue) - this might over-saturate the UX, we like the current clean and minimalistic look
  • tooltip - good idea anyway and we’ll do it, but you were likely looking for more
  • global option - this is something we usually want to avoid, but at the moment this looks like the best option if you definitely need this behavior


The tooltip option might already be a good starting point