Setup datagrok under proxy environment

Dear All,

Happy to join the community.
And I’m installting datagrok my cloud machien.
When I deployed datagrok via docker, the docker could not communicate npm repository.
I got followinge error massage.
HttpException: Invalid proxy configuration http://xxxxx:yyyy
I configured proxy IP and Port from web browser but the issue is not solved.
Are there any advice or suggestion for the issue?
Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Dear Taka,
We recently released a new patch, version 1.17.2, with improvements for the NPM proxy. Could you please try to upgrade to this version?

Hi Sofia,
Thanks for your prompt reply.
Should I run following command to update?
sudo bash docker/ update

Yes, it will pull all the latest images and restart your stand using them.

I tried it but still having the issue.
Also I communicated my IT team and they said that there are no access block process from server to NPM repository.

Would you be available for a call so that we can work together to diagnose the problem?

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I’ll have meeting from 16:00(JST) to 17:00(JST).
It will work if you are available from 17:10(JST) today.

Perfect, I will send you an invitation

That sounds great!
Thank you for your kind support.
See you later.