Sunburst plot

Dear community,
I wonder if there is a sunburst viewer available in DG and how to enable it if so. I checked in our instance but couldn’t find it in the usual viewers. If so, could you help me understand how to use it and also if there is any documentation available?
Thanks !

Hello, Nikolaus!
Yes, there is a sunburst viewer available in Datagrok, it is stored in the Charts package. Here is the link to the viewer demo:
Also, you can use it on your own dataset by clicking on the Viewers icon at the top of the platform and then selecting the Sunburst viewer.

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Thanks! I tried to use it in one of our instances by adding the viewer but I seem to be not able to get it to work there. Also, I tried to understand how to use it in your demo but didnt get veyr far. When I tried to read the docs I get this image

Any chance you can maybe share some more details? Thanks!

Can you please share more details about your problems with starting the viewer on one of your instances? If there is a problem, we would fix it.
For clarity I filmed a short video on how to start and use the sunburst viewer on the demo dataset, it would be attached below.