Table (datagrid) style pickup and apply

I played with table (datagrid) style pickup and apply, thought it might be helpful for some of user cases. But then little bit lost and not sure what we should expect. First, when you do table style pick up, what kind of style included? So far it seems working for hiding/unhiding column, rearrangement of column, column color sometime work, sometimes not. Second, unlike other viewers, these tables are still aligned with each other after applying the style change. i.e. I have table 1 and then pickup it’s style and apply it to table. Then if I hide/unhide some columns of table 1, Table 2 will automatically changed and aligned with Table 1. The other viewers like scatter plot etc. will not see each other’s change. Is this designed on purpose? Because table is special? Thanks!

@skalkin could you please shed some light on which grid settings should belong to the style part and will be transferred during style pick up & apply?
Typically, everything except for the “Data” section will be relevant in this case, but the grid viewer may have some nuances in this respect, since some visual properties are derived from metadata of the underlying dataframe.
Thank you in advance :slightly_smiling_face: