Table viewer config icon disappearing on horizontal scroll

Hi Team,

The cog icon of the table viewer is disappearing when scrolling horizontally to the right.
Any chance to make that fix?
I also think that the size of the icon is quite small, so it’s hard to find it, if you are not used to it.


The reason for that is that it does not look good when it’s over the column name. Our thinking was that we would implement the “frozen columns” feature and then it won’t be a problem, but now we have to do something about it, indeed. Perhaps a semi-transparent cog icon in the right top corner (becoming opaque on mouse over) would be even better since it will be more consistent with the rest of the viewers.

This sounds like a reasonable solution, thanks

We’ve redesigned the grid context menu, now its settings are available as Spreadsheet properties... from anywhere on the grid. This solves the problem in a way.

We’ve repositioned grid’s “Settings” icon to the right top corner, as promised:


Also, now all viewers have “Settings…” option in the context menu in the bottom.

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