Tooltip not showing up for large tables

Hi Team,

It seems like when you load a dataframe with a large number of columns in Datagrok, the tooltip is not showing up with the default configuration.
As soon as you start removing a large chunk of columns from the tooltip configuration it works again.
Could the tooltip just pick up the first n columns instead of breaking for large tables?


Hi Nico, that is the intended behavior. By default, if no tooltip columns are explicitly defined by the user, we only show the tooltip a if the table no more than 20 columns, otherwise we do not show it at all (but you again, it’s possible to specify it explicitly via View | Tooltip.... Showing the first n columns would confuse users, I think. Perhaps there could be some middle ground, where we should show all columns up to 20, then first 20 up to if there are up to 50 columns (along with the notice that some columns are not shown), and then not showing anything again if there are more than 50 (no point in showing columns that are unlikely to be of interest to the user).

By the way, if you know your table structure in advance, it’s possible to set the tooltip programmatically by setting the table’s .tooltip tag to the newline-separated list of column names.

My main concern is mainly that new users might not know that you can configure a tooltip.
Also to me it was quite unexpected that no tooltip appears, until I realized that it could be related to the number of columns.
What about just showing the id and structure column for larger tables (> 20 cols)?
This would at least give people an idea that there is a tooltip and it could be configured.

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Hi Nico, I changed the logic to show 10 first columns. Indeed empty tooltip was confusing for the new users (and even for some new developers to be honest :slight_smile: ).
Usual disclaimer is that the change will be available on the next release.