User Meetings

Datagrok is an extremely flexible platform. There are multiple different ways to extend it, including developing and reusing database queries visually or manually, seamlessly integrating with functions written in R, Python, or Julia, or developing scripts, functions, viewers, or applications using the JavaScript API. All of these extension points could be stored in the source control systems in the form of packages, allowing organizations to manage versions, privileges, dependencies, and target audience on a per-package basis.

While the platform itself is proprietary, we intend to provide free licenses for academia, as well as for individual non-commercial use. We are growing an open-source ecosystem of Datagrok extensions that include scientific methods, visualizations, predictive models, connectors to public and private data sources, and applications.

To bring the development community together, we are starting a series of meetings focused around extending the platform. The meetings are open to everyone, but will be most useful for developers or power users comfortable with writing scripts (there will be separate “office hours” for users). There will be a natural progression - we will start with the basics such as describing the platform possibilities, API basics, setting up the environment, and then moving on to more complex things. With time, we hope there will be guest speakers as well. In addition to learning how to extend Datagrok, this is also your chance to influence the way the platform is evolving!

The meetings will be held every two weeks on Fridays 9am-10:30am EST, starting on May 8th. Each session will be recorded and made available publicly as a reference material and to make on-boarding new developers easier. There will be a separate topic on this forum created for each meeting in advance, so that we could suggest topics before, and keep discussing them after the meeting.

Shoot me an email ( if you want to get an invitation for the series, or join with Zoom


Now that we have introduced you to the basics of the Datagrok platform in the previous six meetings (see our YouTube channel), it’s time to switch to a different format with the focus on the real-world use cases - guest speakers are more than welcome! We will also be discussing new core features and extensions.

We will be meeting every four weeks on Fridays at 9AM ET. Each session will be recorded and made available publicly as a reference material and to make on-boarding new developers easier. See up-to-date details and discussions on our community forums. The meetings are open to everyone, feel free to forward the invitation.

See you there!