Viewing default packages in local deployment

Hi everyone! I’m just starting with datagrok, and I’m now trying to host it locally following both the basic and advanced develop-admin guides.

The docker-compose file spins up and I’m able to access the ui just fine, but when I navigate to Manage > Packages, the page is empty and nothing is listed. I’d like to install the Chem package (+ several of the other optional requirements) and I can see the packages available in my clone of the public repo here.

How do I view/install these packages in my local docker-compose? Should these be visible by default?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hi Jack,
Did you install it in local docker container?
Do you have internet access for this container?
May be, you are behind a proxy?

If so, I suggest to arrange a meeting to take a look and set it up.
What time slot is OK for you?

Hey Alex,

Yep, it was a local container w. internet + proxy. Switching to my personal laptop fixed the issue so it’s definitely just the npm registry being blocked. Thanks for helping me pin point the issue! Also thank you for offering to meet and take a look. Means a lot! But I’m all set for now :smile:


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Happy to hear this!
You can specify proxy in DG settings, packages section.

But, there is an issue with “npm direct download” option behind proxy. It is fixed already, and will be included to 1.16.0 an higher, but you should turn it off while using the proxy.

(Npm direct download is an option to download packages directly without using npm utility, it’s much faster)

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