Working with entities and properties

I have some open questions to the JS entity object:

  • is it possible to delete an entity from DG API (couldn’t find a method in the JS API)?
  • how can I delete / remove properties from entity?
  • is there a way to query / manage properties through API or DG interface?

Something else I’ve spotted during development (maybe this is a bug or enhancement request): It’s impossible to delete any entity object which has associated properties in the DG database (due to foreign key dependencies). A cascading delete or some other ways to remove entity properties would be great.

  1. There is no delete() method exposed in dapi, I will add it shortly.
  2. No method to do it too. I will make it.
  3. There are dapi.entities.getProperties and dapi.entities.saveProperties. Now there is no way to manage them from UI.

Regarding cascade delete – indeed, there is an issue with deleting such entities. There is already a ticket, will be fixed shortly too.

Thanks for reporting!

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Thanks for providing this information.

Actually, you can delete an entity from DG API. You can check this commit for the API sample of deleting an entity.


Also, we added ability to delete entity properties, this will work in the next dev-build. For example, you will be able to use this with this command:
grok.dapi.entities.deleteProperties([{'entityId': 'some_entityId', 'property': 'some_property'}]);