Possibility to save filter configuration

Is it possible to save filter configuration, meaning that if I configure only certain filters to be shown, even if I close the filter side bar (filter panel), when I click on filters again, the same configuration remains.

Thanks for the feedback! This is actually a good idea - we’ll implement it soon. At the very least it might alleviate the pain some users are experiencing when they close the filter.

There is currently a way to save the filter state by clicking on Save or Apply | Save... from the filter’s menu, but it only persists the state of each column filter, and not the columns that were used for filtering. This was done to enable interactive filtering by hovering over the saved state, but perhaps there is room for improvement.

We have implemented this suggestion. Now the filter configuration (column names + column filter settings, such as min/max) gets saved when the filter is closed, and applied next time the filter is open. This only works within one session, and is not persisted with the project.

This improvement does not address this issue: How to display selected rows after closing the filtering panel?, as it requires a deeper redesign of both the internal mechanics as well as the UX. It is on our radar though.

This works if I have other viewers like scatterplot etc. But if I only have a table, then when I reopen the filter, the filter will not be applied to this table. But if I add another viewer, then this filter will be applied. I tried this on https://dev.datagrok.ai/