Scatteplot cog icon not visible in some cases

When dragging the scatterplots around, at some point they do no longer show the cog icon in the header bar:

I think the case is when you dock a root of the viewer instead of viewer itself.

Do not use dock(viewer.root), but dock(viewer), then the view will recognize it.

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How do I as a user know what I’m docking?

Oh, I thought you were speaking about software-docked viewers.
Just checked, the cog icon never goes away if I dock-undock the viewer.

Could you provide steps to reproduce this?

@alex.paramonov, it appears that on the Nico’s picture both scatter plots extend to the right, and the rightmost part is covered by the white area - I’m not exactly sure what happened there, was it a result of the manual repositioning?, any chance you can post a short video that reproduces the issue? Thanks!

I tried a couple of things, but I couldn’t reproduce it anymore

It’s related to the issue with scatterplot size, and now seems to be fixed

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