Where is cLogP?

Can’t find the cLogP descriptor to show in the table in Chem|Descriptors.

Hi Andrey!
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Indeed, now cLogP is not available for selection in the Descriptors list.

I registered issue for developer responsible for this. I think this problem will be solved soon.


@andrey, here problem here is that logP/D is more like a “predicted value”, not “calculated descriptor” (although sometime the borders are blurred). Chem | Descriptors are currently limited to descriptors calculated by RDKit; we’ll likely extend it in the future with other popular choices.

For now, you can calculate it from the property panel:

I saw it in the property panel, but in this case the user needs it as a column to use in the filters.

Hi Andrew - that seems great. However, this is the properties panel we see on our end. It’s appears to be quite different:

Screenshot 2022-12-15 at 3.13.17 PM

Indeed - but if you want the animated gif in the link above, you’ll see that a column could be added by clicking on the “+” link next to the corresponding property :slight_smile:

Welcome to our forum, Vincent! :slight_smile:

To see properties for the molecule, click on any molecule in your dataset, and then expand the “properties” panel. Later on, we will provide another ways for computing logP as well.

Hi Andrew! Thank you. That’s precisely what I did. The image provided earlier is what I see…

@skalkin - yes, that works. Thanks!
@vincent let’s get together in the morning and look at it together again.